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Add scripts or styles. Create Recipes with JavaScript or CSS.
General or specific. Trigger some Recipes based on the URL.
Power up your browser. The extension can run Recipes automatically on page load.
Save it to go. Export all Recipes as a bookmarklet.
Accessible anywhere. Works on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
No Wi-Fi, no problem. Works offline without internet access.
Your data on all your devices. Automatic cloud sync with remoteStorage or Fission.
Efficient workflow. Keyboard shortcuts for most things.
Move data freely. Import and export JSON data (beta).
Blind-friendly. Text labels on all elements.
Private, not creepy. No behavioural analytics or cross-site trackers.
Own your data. 100% yours in a 0data app.
Open-source. The code is public to read and modify.
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